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With the little lady gone for the summer I have turned my attention towards purging and cleaning our home. Apparently it's not officially summer for 19 more days so I can still call this spring cleaning. As we have settled into the space I have learned what does and doesn't work in regards to the furniture we brought from Atlanta. I want to make room for our custom shelves and some new pieces that will suit the space better. It's funny how you become attached to things... 

We have already sold a few pieces over the past couple days and I am hoping that everything else will be gone by Monday. This weekend we are heading to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire where I am hoping to find a couple wall mounted lights for the bedside (they will replace the chrome standing lamps, top right) and a stool for my bedroom vanity / desk (my beloved Saarinen chair was just too large for the space, top left). We no longer need the Lane chest or shipping crate shown above because we plan on purchasing a bed with drawers for extra storage. I am considering one from our local Oysterbed, aptly named The San Fransciso Chestbed.

Tell me, do you have any summer projects in the works? Any re-decorating going on in your home?

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