Food for Thought Friday

I came across this letterpress artwork featuring the following quote by philosopher Bertrand Russel, "The time you enjoy is not wasted time". I appreciate this thought, especially considering I found it on Pinterest, a site full of visual inspiration that some may or may not consider a total waste of time. For me Pinterest has provided endless inspiration for new projects, recipes (like the strawberry salmon salad above, which I made this week and it was in fact as delicious as it looks), and style inspiration like the mod hair and peplum jacket above.

Here's to time wasting time enjoying yourself. I will certainly be doing just that during my first visit to Wine Country this weekend! Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend! 

Clockwise from left 1, 2, 3

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Projects + Preparing

I have been busy the past couple weeks working on projects around the house (including a shelf inspired by this), spreading the word about my new Etsy store, and preparing for house guests. I would love to say that we have an amazing guest room, but the rental market in San Francisco is not so generous. The little lady has been with family during her summer break so her room has become the landing place for projects in transition and visitors from out of town.

After having a few visitors over the past several months, I have learned that there are a few things that you can easily do to make a space feel more accommodating.


Hello + Happy Friday!

It's a bit overcast in San Francisco today and I am craving some sunshine and warm temps. This scarf would be perfect for a pop of color on a dreary day. For nonstop cheerfulness at home, maybe a pink counter top would do the trick? We plan on checking out the Silent Film Festival tomorrow and we might escape the city for four a few hours of warmth on Sunday. Hope you have an amazing weekend! 

see more inspiring images at my Pinterest page

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Mad Over Molly M

On my way back from hiking in the North Bay last weekend I stopped to pop in Trouve, a little boutique featuring vintage home decor, new jewelry, and art. Jewelry by local San Francisco designer, Molly McGrath, immediately caught my attention. Her geometric and organic laser cut forms are right up my alley. At top of my wish list are her superwax necklaces.

I took the time to check out her site once I got home (and couldn't get her necklaces out of my head) and was really inspired by Molly's story. While in school for architecture she began considering how much she could do with the laser cutting machine she used to build her models. I am sure that Molly would have been an amazing architect, but I think she definitely found her calling with the jewelry and home decor she creates.


Say Hello to My New Etsy Shop!

Drumrolll please... my Etsy shop, The Bells & Whistles, finally went live this week! The store features vintage jewelry and home decor. There will be more products added over the next few weeks and I have some fun up-cycling projects in the works. It's honestly a little more work than I imagined, from researching to photographing and measuring each item, but I have enjoyed every minute. If you have a moment, please take a look at my shop and if you feel so inclined "like" it on Facebook

On a side note, I am getting back into the swing of things after having my mom here for a week and a half. I had fun playing tourist with her, stay tuned for photos from our explorations. Today, we are off to the North Bay for a hike with the pups. Hope you have some fun adventures this weekend! 

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A Midweek Thought

I have been staying super busy playing tourist with my mom in town and while walking from the Financial District to Chinatown yesterday I came across this incredibly random building addition. 

It goes to show that you never know what you are going to discover when you allow yourself to really absorb all of the sights and sounds around you. 

P.S. I would love to know more about it so if you do please let me know! 

Update: A friend sent me this article after seeing the post. Local designer Jenny Chapman created the cabin from reclaimed wood from an old barn in Ohio. Read more about it here.

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My Mom's Comin' to Town!

It's been about six months since my move to San Francisco and the day before we drove out of Atlanta was the last time I saw my mom. She had recently discovered that she had thyroid cancer and underwent one surgery a couple weeks before I left, and then another to remove the remainder of her thyroid just after. It was hard not being there when she got out of the hospital the second time. She is the sweetest, most loving person I know and I cannot wait to give her a huge hug.

Me + my mom on Easter, many moons ago...
Always stylishly feminine, she is a rocking a polka dot dress with a ruffled peplum-like detail.


Starting the Weekend Off Right

My spring cleaning has turned into summer purging and I spent last night going though my dresses and skirts in order to streamline my closet. What I decided not to keep I sorted for donating and re-selling. It's amazing how long you can hold on to a piece of clothing because you have good memories attached to it. I suggest enlisting someone close that isn't scared of being honest to help you with your wardrobe cleansing.

photo from Santa Cruz

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Drumroll, please...

Our shelves are finally finished!

The project began back in Atlanta when I spotted some old mill spools in an antique store, Vintage Village. Right away we began brainstorming ideas for re-purposing them. During our last few months in Atlanta our collection of spools grew along with the idea for a large wall shelf. Once we got settled in San Francisco we began the hunt for salvaged wood. We drove to a few places in Oakland and Berkeley in search for just the right thing, finally finding it close to home in the City at Building REsource.


Instagram: A Visual Journey

I have blogged in the past about my love for Instagram and after reading a post by fellow San Franciscoan, Anne Sage, I started thinking about what makes the platform so successful. The appeal for me is the simple creation of a visual diary logging my journey through the everyday.

Here are a few recent snapshots from my "diary"...


Cleaning House

With the little lady gone for the summer I have turned my attention towards purging and cleaning our home. Apparently it's not officially summer for 19 more days so I can still call this spring cleaning. As we have settled into the space I have learned what does and doesn't work in regards to the furniture we brought from Atlanta. I want to make room for our custom shelves and some new pieces that will suit the space better. It's funny how you become attached to things... 



On my summer to-do list...

Tell me, what are you going to make more time for this summer?

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Day Trip --> Santa Cruz

A couple weekends back we sought out warmer temps in Santa Cruz. We made our first stop at Henry Cowell Redwoods park for a short hike (one of the few parks in the area with dog friendly trails).


Catalog Love: J. Crew Style Guide

One glance at the cover of the J. Crew Style Guide when it arrived in the mail and I had to open it immediately. Their lucky crew flew off to Bali where they took advantage of the 1,000-year-old temples and the lush landscape to create an ad campaign that makes me to hop on a plan ASAP. My infatuation with the idea of a Bali vacation first took hold while reading the infamous Eat, Pray, Love.


LEIF Lustin'

A close friend came across this necklace and said it made her think of me. She knows my style pretty well and was right on target. I have crossed paths with a few of  their home goods (these salt + pepper shakers seem to be everywhere) but this is my first meeting with their jewelry.This piece along with many others at LEIF are now on my wishlist.  

Wouldn't this be absolute perfection with a simple white tee?
I am also loving this version with red + pink accents!

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Beautiful Science

This past Saturday we headed to Golden Gate Park to check out the California Academy of SciencesThe combination museum / planetarium / aquarium / rain forest was pretty amazing. It was busy but not too crowded to relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience. There is a vast amount of information to absorb (it is a science museum after all) so allow yourself plenty of time to explore so that you get the most out of your visit. My favorite part, the planetarium, is the largest in the world. 


DIY Spool Shelves

Remember this custom shelving project we hunted down reclaimed wood for a couple months ago? Well it had been pushed to the back burner for a bit but things are back on track. We now have all of the shelf supports (old cotton mill spools) screwed together in sets of two.

Next up we need measure and cut the wood for the shelves. Cannot wait to share the final product!  

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West Coast Adventures

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is our close vicinity to so many other interesting cities and destinations. The little lady will be spending the summer with family and we plan to take advantage of our adult time to do a little (well maybe a lot) of exploring. It just so happens to be unseasonably cold in SF during the summer so it will be nice to escape to some warmer temperatures on the weekends.

Blithedale Summit trail, Mount Tamalpais in the North Bay 


Style - Hair Bungees

Selecting a new hair salon is never easy, especially when you are new to a city. It's even more difficult when you seeking a cut for under $60 from a well reviewed salon. I stumbled upon Mes Amis and decided to give them try. Fortunately, I made a good choice and my stylist, Jerry, turned out to be both friendly and knowledgeable. So thorough that he almost immediately pointed out that my hair was damaged due to my affinity for ponytails and buns. Eeks! Not something a girl wants to hear. Ironically I often wear my hear up to avoid damage from heat styling. What did this mean for my morning routine? What about those extra windy days when gusts from the Pacific make wearing my hair down a nuisance?


Tasty Mornings

With more time at home it's easy to do one of two things: focus energy on healthy eating or get lost snaking. I am trying to make sure the latter doesn't happen. I recently received this yummy smoothie recipe in my inbox from Spoon Fork Bacon. The addition of cinnamon to the blueberries and banana is perfection. I switched things up a bit by replacing the buttermilk for a few spoonfuls of vanilla Greek yogurt.


I think I can. Wait - I know I can.

Wow - I cannot believe it is already Friday again. The job hunt took priority this past week and I have been busy researching local companies and available opportunities. I have really enjoyed having some extra time to get settled in San Francisco, but I am very ready to get back into the office! Until then I am focusing on doing all of the things that usually take the back burner: painting my nails every few days (currently a fun shade of pink!), reading, deep conditioning my hair, trying out new artistic endeavors, replacing that random missing button, and so on.


Happy Friday!

Source: etsy.com via Melanie on Pinterest

I have been longing for warmer spring time temps here in San Francisco, which I am sure only added to my recent homesickness. Well it appears my wishes have been granted! Yesterday the temps reached the lower 70's (and I went bare-legged in a dress WITH open toe shoes) and tomorrow the forecast shows a high of 77. Weekend plans for a picnic and kite flying are underway! I have not flown a kite since I was a kid and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with our little lady.


Style - The Scarf

It seems that scarves have become a prerequisite to my daily ensemble here in San Francisco. So much so I am already beginning to tire of my decent-sized collection. Until I find a job in the city my budget is slim and I welcome any ideas to reinvent my current wardrobe. You can imagine my delight when I happened upon this fantastic video via Aussie Blue from Wendy's Lookbook.


Thank you for stopping by!


Date Night + A Little Culture

We recently had our first date night in San Francisco at SFMOMA. The museum was the perfect choice, they are open late on Thursday, the artwork encouraged conversation, and it's only a couple blocks from our place. We had just enough time to grab a bite to eat at Pazzia before exploring the museum.


Spring in the Bay

I was a little worried we would be rained in during spring break but fortunately the sun came out mid-week and we got to spend a few days exploring the city.

Lush greenery and picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Treasure hunt at  El Polin Spring (it was the perfect activity for a curious kid) 


Spring + A Little Indulgence

The little lady is on Spring break this week and we have our first house guests arriving on Tuesday so I may be away from here for a few days. Today we are heading to the Jelly Belly Factory about an hour north of San Francisco to take a tour and do a little taste testing... not a bad start to the week at all :)


Instagram + Ink361 Snapshots of Life as it Happens...

Fort Funston (dog heaven)

Living in a new city feels a little like traveling because everywhere you go is like a new adventure. I have been a total tourist in San Francisco, snapping photos left and right.


Domino is BACK!

This makes me happy, so very very happy! Most of you are probably already aware that the popular shelter magazine is returning next month with an edition titled Quick Fixes. The publication plans to include both new and old content. There has been a lot of buzz and excitement over the upcoming appearance on newsstands.

One of our very first articles lamented over the demise of our favorite publication. I love that after three years the brand still resonates with its readers. Although the new release will be on stands until July I plan to pick it up ASAP.


Green Abode - Building REsource

We have been on the hunt for reclaimed wood to use for shelves in our dining room / office since moving into our new place. On the weekends we drove to Oakland, Berkeley, and a few places around San Francisco exploring the available options. We even considered using Ikea counters or shelves but persisted on because we knew that we wanted something more unique (and environmentally friendly). After reading some raving Yelp reviews for Building REsources in San Francisco we decided to check it out.


Cheer Up Buttercup!

I have always been a huge fan of color but my new attraction to super bold shades even has me (happily) surprised. After all how could you not smile when you are greeted with a splash of sunshine yellow or bright pink? With the recent move I am in the need of more sweaters for layering and pants for the cooler evenings. What to mix with these pops of color? Why not graphic nautical stripes? Here are a few of my budget friendly finds...


Style - Bag(gu) It

It seems these days that reusable totes are everywhere you look, some of my favorite options are from the Baggu line.

The #1 best thing about them is that you don't have to remember to grab one on your way it, they fold up small enough to keep stashed in your purse. Now that I am in San Francisco I have been walking more often than before and I find that after a while my shoulder gets a little sore from carrying bags... in comes the Daypack from Baggu.


Wood Work for the Walls

I came across these fantastic wooden hanging sculptures the other day while searching Etsy for lighting to hang in our bedroom. The artist, William Baker, uses a scroll saw to cut the shapes and creates balance and depth through their arrangement. I think they would be fun addition to any room of the house.

There is something about his composition of the shapes that stirs the imagination.


Hello Weekend!

This afternoon we're heading to Fort Funston, a former military outpost in Ocean beach where dogs are given the freedom to frolic off-leash. The coastal dog park is the earthly equivalent of what I imagine dog heaven to be.


Treasure Hunt on Alameda Island

On the first Sunday of each month the Alameda Point Antiques Faire is held on Alameda island. This past weekend we made the short drive to seek out a few treasures for our new apartment in the city. It was a positively gorgeous day with a nice breeze, blue skies, and sail boats lazily drifting by in the background.

Let me go ahead and tell you - the fair is HUGE and entry is worth the ticket price. We arrived around noon and explored about 50% leisurely strolling for 3 hours. There is a variety of items from vintage to antique, a yummy kettle corn stand, and a smorgasbord of food trucks.


Style - Head Scarf

I have always been drawn to the head scarf but for some reason I have yet to actually go for it and try out the look.


Sunday Funday - Treasure Hunting

Today we plan on heading to Alameda island for the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, where we just might find a few treasures for our new place. We are still in need of a couple pieces of furniture including something for media storage in the living room. I am on the lookout for something that doesn't look like a standard media console.


Day Dreaming - Hammocks + Books

Now that things are beginning to settle down around the house my job search in San Francisco has begun. A gave my resume a major face lift and I am very excited about sending it out.

However, rather than sitting in front of the computer sifting trough job postings all day, I wouldn't mind being here right now with a good book and a refreshing beverage to sip on...


Music to My Ears - Carla Bruni

Whenever I want to hear something that will relax me and allow my mind's chatter to slow a bit Carla Bruni is my go-to lady. She has got it all: a soothing voice and lullaby guitar playing.


Well Hello, It's Been Awhile.

A big surprise came for me the week after Christmas when I learned that I would be moving across the country from Atlanta to San Francisco. After job searching for about 8 months my boyfriend was called to fly out for an interview and a week later they made him an offer he couldn't pass up. I made the decision to move with him for a multitude of reasons... one being you guessed it - love. Also important was my own need for a change of scenery, I have had the itch to move since graduating high school nearly 10 years ago.

Atlanta (via Pinterest

I had always planned on leaving Atlanta after college but timing and opportunities never seemed to line up. Georgia has been home to me for the past 16 years and I was slowly becoming what I had always feared - too comfortable. I am honestly still recovering from the frazzled state I was in during the 3 weeks I had to purge, sell, and pack what was left of my remaining belongings while trying to spend what time I had left with my family and friends. A shift occurred in the way I viewed my possessions and and I really began to understand how much it just stuff.


Happy New Year!

We wish each of you a happy and fulfilling 2012!

Wonderlust started exactly one year ago today... there is so much in store for 
us this coming year included a big change of scenery for me (details soon!). 

Cheers to a very happy New Year! 

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A Holiday Message from Wonderlust!

We wish each and everyone of you the happiest of holidays!

                       Source: sacramentostreet.com via Melanie on Pinterest

If you are feeling frazzled from all of the gift buying, preparations, 
and holiday parties - STOP - look around you and slow down a little so you can really enjoy where you are and who you are with. 
. . . 

We have been keeping ourselves busy with family and friends the past few weeks... 


Crossfit RX {Just What the Dr. Ordered}

For Wonderlust our mission has always been to share inspiration and passion with our followers and those who might happen upon us. Sometimes, you come across someone who is so passionate that they ignite something within you. One such person is Kelly, owner of Crossfit RX gym

Over the summer, we met up with Kelly to check out the gym and to discuss the experience of Crossfit with him.


Happy Thanksgiving from Wonderlust!!

                                                                             Source: annies-eats.net via Melanie on Pinterest

It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.

I hope all of our readers are enjoying time with loved ones today. I am personally thankful for the opportunity to put together a little feast to share with my family. Yesterday was filled with cleaning, prepping, and doing some final touches on my new place. I am very excited about my new gallery corner, look out for images at a later date! On a side note, I am very thankful for all of our followers. It means so much to share my passion with all of you!


Genius {quote + photo = inspiration}

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

-Albert Einstein

. . .  
Wonderlust Photography by Jona


Atlanta Design Sponge Book Signing

Last week Jona and I had the pleasure of chatting with Grace Bonny of Design Sponge for a minute while she signed our copies of her new book. We couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a photo with the talented super blogger turned book writer. 


Happy Halloween from Wonderlust!

                                                                         Source: google.nl via Melanie on Pinterest



Home {quote + photo = inspiration}

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. 
- Jane Austin

I feel like this is the perfect message as we enter into cooler temperatures in Atlanta. Sometimes the tricky part is making a house feel like a home, which is exactly what Jona and I are now working on after recent moves into new places. I cannot think of a better time of year to be at home organizing, purging, and decorating... holiday entertaining is just around the corner!

. . .  
Wonderlust Photography by Jona
Content Written + Edited by Melanie


Blue Skies Ahead {road trip - part 7 - minneapolis}

Welcome to Minneapolis and our final road trip post.  Like most of the other cities I encountered along my trip Minneapolis had a different type of vibe than I had expected.