Spring + A Little Indulgence

The little lady is on Spring break this week and we have our first house guests arriving on Tuesday so I may be away from here for a few days. Today we are heading to the Jelly Belly Factory about an hour north of San Francisco to take a tour and do a little taste testing... not a bad start to the week at all :)


Instagram + Ink361 Snapshots of Life as it Happens...

Fort Funston (dog heaven)

Living in a new city feels a little like traveling because everywhere you go is like a new adventure. I have been a total tourist in San Francisco, snapping photos left and right.


Domino is BACK!

This makes me happy, so very very happy! Most of you are probably already aware that the popular shelter magazine is returning next month with an edition titled Quick Fixes. The publication plans to include both new and old content. There has been a lot of buzz and excitement over the upcoming appearance on newsstands.

One of our very first articles lamented over the demise of our favorite publication. I love that after three years the brand still resonates with its readers. Although the new release will be on stands until July I plan to pick it up ASAP.


Green Abode - Building REsource

We have been on the hunt for reclaimed wood to use for shelves in our dining room / office since moving into our new place. On the weekends we drove to Oakland, Berkeley, and a few places around San Francisco exploring the available options. We even considered using Ikea counters or shelves but persisted on because we knew that we wanted something more unique (and environmentally friendly). After reading some raving Yelp reviews for Building REsources in San Francisco we decided to check it out.


Cheer Up Buttercup!

I have always been a huge fan of color but my new attraction to super bold shades even has me (happily) surprised. After all how could you not smile when you are greeted with a splash of sunshine yellow or bright pink? With the recent move I am in the need of more sweaters for layering and pants for the cooler evenings. What to mix with these pops of color? Why not graphic nautical stripes? Here are a few of my budget friendly finds...


Style - Bag(gu) It

It seems these days that reusable totes are everywhere you look, some of my favorite options are from the Baggu line.

The #1 best thing about them is that you don't have to remember to grab one on your way it, they fold up small enough to keep stashed in your purse. Now that I am in San Francisco I have been walking more often than before and I find that after a while my shoulder gets a little sore from carrying bags... in comes the Daypack from Baggu.


Wood Work for the Walls

I came across these fantastic wooden hanging sculptures the other day while searching Etsy for lighting to hang in our bedroom. The artist, William Baker, uses a scroll saw to cut the shapes and creates balance and depth through their arrangement. I think they would be fun addition to any room of the house.

There is something about his composition of the shapes that stirs the imagination.


Hello Weekend!

This afternoon we're heading to Fort Funston, a former military outpost in Ocean beach where dogs are given the freedom to frolic off-leash. The coastal dog park is the earthly equivalent of what I imagine dog heaven to be.


Treasure Hunt on Alameda Island

On the first Sunday of each month the Alameda Point Antiques Faire is held on Alameda island. This past weekend we made the short drive to seek out a few treasures for our new apartment in the city. It was a positively gorgeous day with a nice breeze, blue skies, and sail boats lazily drifting by in the background.

Let me go ahead and tell you - the fair is HUGE and entry is worth the ticket price. We arrived around noon and explored about 50% leisurely strolling for 3 hours. There is a variety of items from vintage to antique, a yummy kettle corn stand, and a smorgasbord of food trucks.


Style - Head Scarf

I have always been drawn to the head scarf but for some reason I have yet to actually go for it and try out the look.


Sunday Funday - Treasure Hunting

Today we plan on heading to Alameda island for the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, where we just might find a few treasures for our new place. We are still in need of a couple pieces of furniture including something for media storage in the living room. I am on the lookout for something that doesn't look like a standard media console.


Day Dreaming - Hammocks + Books

Now that things are beginning to settle down around the house my job search in San Francisco has begun. A gave my resume a major face lift and I am very excited about sending it out.

However, rather than sitting in front of the computer sifting trough job postings all day, I wouldn't mind being here right now with a good book and a refreshing beverage to sip on...