A Midweek Thought

I have been staying super busy playing tourist with my mom in town and while walking from the Financial District to Chinatown yesterday I came across this incredibly random building addition. 

It goes to show that you never know what you are going to discover when you allow yourself to really absorb all of the sights and sounds around you. 

P.S. I would love to know more about it so if you do please let me know! 

Update: A friend sent me this article after seeing the post. Local designer Jenny Chapman created the cabin from reclaimed wood from an old barn in Ohio. Read more about it here.

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My Mom's Comin' to Town!

It's been about six months since my move to San Francisco and the day before we drove out of Atlanta was the last time I saw my mom. She had recently discovered that she had thyroid cancer and underwent one surgery a couple weeks before I left, and then another to remove the remainder of her thyroid just after. It was hard not being there when she got out of the hospital the second time. She is the sweetest, most loving person I know and I cannot wait to give her a huge hug.

Me + my mom on Easter, many moons ago...
Always stylishly feminine, she is a rocking a polka dot dress with a ruffled peplum-like detail.


Starting the Weekend Off Right

My spring cleaning has turned into summer purging and I spent last night going though my dresses and skirts in order to streamline my closet. What I decided not to keep I sorted for donating and re-selling. It's amazing how long you can hold on to a piece of clothing because you have good memories attached to it. I suggest enlisting someone close that isn't scared of being honest to help you with your wardrobe cleansing.

photo from Santa Cruz

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If you use or pin any photos, please link back to wonderlustblog.blogspot.com - thanks!


Drumroll, please...

Our shelves are finally finished!

The project began back in Atlanta when I spotted some old mill spools in an antique store, Vintage Village. Right away we began brainstorming ideas for re-purposing them. During our last few months in Atlanta our collection of spools grew along with the idea for a large wall shelf. Once we got settled in San Francisco we began the hunt for salvaged wood. We drove to a few places in Oakland and Berkeley in search for just the right thing, finally finding it close to home in the City at Building REsource.


Instagram: A Visual Journey

I have blogged in the past about my love for Instagram and after reading a post by fellow San Franciscoan, Anne Sage, I started thinking about what makes the platform so successful. The appeal for me is the simple creation of a visual diary logging my journey through the everyday.

Here are a few recent snapshots from my "diary"...


Cleaning House

With the little lady gone for the summer I have turned my attention towards purging and cleaning our home. Apparently it's not officially summer for 19 more days so I can still call this spring cleaning. As we have settled into the space I have learned what does and doesn't work in regards to the furniture we brought from Atlanta. I want to make room for our custom shelves and some new pieces that will suit the space better. It's funny how you become attached to things...