Instagram: A Visual Journey

I have blogged in the past about my love for Instagram and after reading a post by fellow San Franciscoan, Anne Sage, I started thinking about what makes the platform so successful. The appeal for me is the simple creation of a visual diary logging my journey through the everyday.

Here are a few recent snapshots from my "diary"...

Heading off to score some treasure at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire.

Delicious lunch at the faire - we will be going to the restaurant

My guy with some of the goodies we scored.

A pretty site near the neighborhood dog park.

Sunday night movie watchin' with the pups.
 (Layla apparently enjoys wearing blankets like a cape)

A productive Monday evening! 
I measured and he cut the wood for our shelves, I think we make a good team.

Do you Instagram? If so check me out @wonderluslife and leave a comment below with your name so that I can take a peek into your journey.

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