Music to My Ears - Carla Bruni

Whenever I want to hear something that will relax me and allow my mind's chatter to slow a bit Carla Bruni is my go-to lady. She has got it all: a soothing voice and lullaby guitar playing.


Well Hello, It's Been Awhile.

A big surprise came for me the week after Christmas when I learned that I would be moving across the country from Atlanta to San Francisco. After job searching for about 8 months my boyfriend was called to fly out for an interview and a week later they made him an offer he couldn't pass up. I made the decision to move with him for a multitude of reasons... one being you guessed it - love. Also important was my own need for a change of scenery, I have had the itch to move since graduating high school nearly 10 years ago.

Atlanta (via Pinterest

I had always planned on leaving Atlanta after college but timing and opportunities never seemed to line up. Georgia has been home to me for the past 16 years and I was slowly becoming what I had always feared - too comfortable. I am honestly still recovering from the frazzled state I was in during the 3 weeks I had to purge, sell, and pack what was left of my remaining belongings while trying to spend what time I had left with my family and friends. A shift occurred in the way I viewed my possessions and and I really began to understand how much it just stuff.