Well Hello, It's Been Awhile.

A big surprise came for me the week after Christmas when I learned that I would be moving across the country from Atlanta to San Francisco. After job searching for about 8 months my boyfriend was called to fly out for an interview and a week later they made him an offer he couldn't pass up. I made the decision to move with him for a multitude of reasons... one being you guessed it - love. Also important was my own need for a change of scenery, I have had the itch to move since graduating high school nearly 10 years ago.

Atlanta (via Pinterest

I had always planned on leaving Atlanta after college but timing and opportunities never seemed to line up. Georgia has been home to me for the past 16 years and I was slowly becoming what I had always feared - too comfortable. I am honestly still recovering from the frazzled state I was in during the 3 weeks I had to purge, sell, and pack what was left of my remaining belongings while trying to spend what time I had left with my family and friends. A shift occurred in the way I viewed my possessions and and I really began to understand how much it just stuff.

Having always lived near most of my family I also realized how important those relationships are on a deeper level. I cannot easily meet up my sister for a little shopping, go for a walk with my mom, or grab lunch with a close friend. The inability to do those things feels a little like heartache. Another major life change is the union of our two households, not only will I am living with him but also his nine year old daughter and their pup, Layla. 

San Francisco (via Pinterest

It took 4.5 days to drive out here (in separate cars, each with a pup as a side kick). Once we arrived we stayed in a furnished apartment for a couple weeks in Oakland via Airbnb while we explored the area and searched for a new home.We have been in our new home in the South Market neighborhood of the city for a couple weeks and I am still working on purging a bit (thank goodness for Craigslist!) and trying to get things organized.
Texas - about halfway to our new city!

Exercising the pups a bit before getting back in the car for a few more hours.

We sacrificed space for the luxury of location and organization is key to our sanity. Luckily we have great resources here, some are even within walking distance. We have put up tons of shelves throughout the house along with hooks here and there. We have assembled an Ikea closet system for additional storage in the bedroom and we are on the hunt for just the right wood to use for shelves for the living room (we are currently surrounded by piles of books and it's not pretty!). I will post some photos of our projects once things have settled down a bit.

Jona and I still plan to work on Wonderlust though the vision has changed some. I plan to share my adventures in designing our new space, future projects, and exploration of the Bay area. Jona will continue to share her inspiration found in Atlanta and beyond along with some fun projects she has in the works. I am sure there will also be the occasional collaboration.

 Me and my favorite ladies at my going away / birthday party

Are you familiar with San Francisco? If so do you have a favorite eatery or shopping spot?
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