West Coast Adventures

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is our close vicinity to so many other interesting cities and destinations. The little lady will be spending the summer with family and we plan to take advantage of our adult time to do a little (well maybe a lot) of exploring. It just so happens to be unseasonably cold in SF during the summer so it will be nice to escape to some warmer temperatures on the weekends.

Blithedale Summit trail, Mount Tamalpais in the North Bay 

A few of the cities/destinations on our list:

Santa Cruz - Beach and about 10 degrees warmer than SF. Done and done.
Sacramento - History - I was never very good at memorizing dates in History class but I am a total nerd when it comes to seeing stuff in person.
Sausalito - We made a quick stop here recently, after a hike at Mount Tamalpais, and both agreed that we must come back to lounge on a patio.
View of the Bay and SF from Sausalito

Point Reyes Beaches - Have you seen the 1980 movie The Fog? This is where the movie was filmed.
Napa Valley - For obvious most obvious of reasons.
Gilroy - Garlic Fest - Need I say more? We drove through during our cross-country trip and we were enamored with all of the natural beauty and farm town quaintness.

Road Trip!
Seattle (apparently July - September the weather is near perfect)
Los Angeles

I am sure that the list will change over the next few months but I am looking forward to a lot fun and adventures with my fella (and our four-legged side-kicks).

Until next time!

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