Food for Thought Friday

I came across this letterpress artwork featuring the following quote by philosopher Bertrand Russel, "The time you enjoy is not wasted time". I appreciate this thought, especially considering I found it on Pinterest, a site full of visual inspiration that some may or may not consider a total waste of time. For me Pinterest has provided endless inspiration for new projects, recipes (like the strawberry salmon salad above, which I made this week and it was in fact as delicious as it looks), and style inspiration like the mod hair and peplum jacket above.

Here's to time wasting time enjoying yourself. I will certainly be doing just that during my first visit to Wine Country this weekend! Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend! 

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Projects + Preparing

I have been busy the past couple weeks working on projects around the house (including a shelf inspired by this), spreading the word about my new Etsy store, and preparing for house guests. I would love to say that we have an amazing guest room, but the rental market in San Francisco is not so generous. The little lady has been with family during her summer break so her room has become the landing place for projects in transition and visitors from out of town.

After having a few visitors over the past several months, I have learned that there are a few things that you can easily do to make a space feel more accommodating.


Hello + Happy Friday!

It's a bit overcast in San Francisco today and I am craving some sunshine and warm temps. This scarf would be perfect for a pop of color on a dreary day. For nonstop cheerfulness at home, maybe a pink counter top would do the trick? We plan on checking out the Silent Film Festival tomorrow and we might escape the city for four a few hours of warmth on Sunday. Hope you have an amazing weekend! 

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Mad Over Molly M

On my way back from hiking in the North Bay last weekend I stopped to pop in Trouve, a little boutique featuring vintage home decor, new jewelry, and art. Jewelry by local San Francisco designer, Molly McGrath, immediately caught my attention. Her geometric and organic laser cut forms are right up my alley. At top of my wish list are her superwax necklaces.

I took the time to check out her site once I got home (and couldn't get her necklaces out of my head) and was really inspired by Molly's story. While in school for architecture she began considering how much she could do with the laser cutting machine she used to build her models. I am sure that Molly would have been an amazing architect, but I think she definitely found her calling with the jewelry and home decor she creates.


Say Hello to My New Etsy Shop!

Drumrolll please... my Etsy shop, The Bells & Whistles, finally went live this week! The store features vintage jewelry and home decor. There will be more products added over the next few weeks and I have some fun up-cycling projects in the works. It's honestly a little more work than I imagined, from researching to photographing and measuring each item, but I have enjoyed every minute. If you have a moment, please take a look at my shop and if you feel so inclined "like" it on Facebook

On a side note, I am getting back into the swing of things after having my mom here for a week and a half. I had fun playing tourist with her, stay tuned for photos from our explorations. Today, we are off to the North Bay for a hike with the pups. Hope you have some fun adventures this weekend! 

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If you use or pin any photos, please link back to wonderlustblog.blogspot.com - thanks!