Through Wonderlust I hope to share my passion for travel, design, and living in the City. My desire is to inspire people with my search for self-expression through design. I enjoy meandering about San Francisco, perusing vintage and antique stores, working on projects, playing in the park with my pups, traveling, and reading anything that inspires me or expands my horizons. I am lucky to have my friend, Jona, another creative soul, contributing her thoughts, inspiring images, and passion.

Like many aspiring designers we both found ourselves in a strange place after the economic decline that began in 2008. Without the careers we had long dreamed of we felt as though we had lost a part of ourselves. I know that many understand the soul satisfying fulfillment found in the creative process. Rather than dwell in a seemingly endless rut I decided that I needed something to funnel all of that unused creative energy into. From this Wonderlust was born. My goal with this project is to create something that will not only bring the light of inspiration into my life but into yours as well.

I hope you enjoy Wonderlust as much as I enjoy working on it! 

For general inquires:  melanie.scanlin@gmail.com