On my summer to-do list...

Tell me, what are you going to make more time for this summer?

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Day Trip --> Santa Cruz

A couple weekends back we sought out warmer temps in Santa Cruz. We made our first stop at Henry Cowell Redwoods park for a short hike (one of the few parks in the area with dog friendly trails).


Catalog Love: J. Crew Style Guide

One glance at the cover of the J. Crew Style Guide when it arrived in the mail and I had to open it immediately. Their lucky crew flew off to Bali where they took advantage of the 1,000-year-old temples and the lush landscape to create an ad campaign that makes me to hop on a plan ASAP. My infatuation with the idea of a Bali vacation first took hold while reading the infamous Eat, Pray, Love.


LEIF Lustin'

A close friend came across this necklace and said it made her think of me. She knows my style pretty well and was right on target. I have crossed paths with a few of  their home goods (these salt + pepper shakers seem to be everywhere) but this is my first meeting with their jewelry.This piece along with many others at LEIF are now on my wishlist.  

Wouldn't this be absolute perfection with a simple white tee?
I am also loving this version with red + pink accents!

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If you use or pin any photos, please link back to wonderlustblog.blogspot.com - thanks!


Beautiful Science

This past Saturday we headed to Golden Gate Park to check out the California Academy of SciencesThe combination museum / planetarium / aquarium / rain forest was pretty amazing. It was busy but not too crowded to relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience. There is a vast amount of information to absorb (it is a science museum after all) so allow yourself plenty of time to explore so that you get the most out of your visit. My favorite part, the planetarium, is the largest in the world. 


DIY Spool Shelves

Remember this custom shelving project we hunted down reclaimed wood for a couple months ago? Well it had been pushed to the back burner for a bit but things are back on track. We now have all of the shelf supports (old cotton mill spools) screwed together in sets of two.

Next up we need measure and cut the wood for the shelves. Cannot wait to share the final product!  

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If you use or pin any photos, please link back to wonderlustblog.blogspot.com - thanks!


West Coast Adventures

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is our close vicinity to so many other interesting cities and destinations. The little lady will be spending the summer with family and we plan to take advantage of our adult time to do a little (well maybe a lot) of exploring. It just so happens to be unseasonably cold in SF during the summer so it will be nice to escape to some warmer temperatures on the weekends.

Blithedale Summit trail, Mount Tamalpais in the North Bay 


Style - Hair Bungees

Selecting a new hair salon is never easy, especially when you are new to a city. It's even more difficult when you seeking a cut for under $60 from a well reviewed salon. I stumbled upon Mes Amis and decided to give them try. Fortunately, I made a good choice and my stylist, Jerry, turned out to be both friendly and knowledgeable. So thorough that he almost immediately pointed out that my hair was damaged due to my affinity for ponytails and buns. Eeks! Not something a girl wants to hear. Ironically I often wear my hear up to avoid damage from heat styling. What did this mean for my morning routine? What about those extra windy days when gusts from the Pacific make wearing my hair down a nuisance?


Tasty Mornings

With more time at home it's easy to do one of two things: focus energy on healthy eating or get lost snaking. I am trying to make sure the latter doesn't happen. I recently received this yummy smoothie recipe in my inbox from Spoon Fork Bacon. The addition of cinnamon to the blueberries and banana is perfection. I switched things up a bit by replacing the buttermilk for a few spoonfuls of vanilla Greek yogurt.