Alys Beach

During a trip to Florida for our friend's wedding in May we decided that an afternoon spent photographing in nearby Alys Beach was a requirement. If you are unfamiliar with Alys beach your eyes are in for treat, if you are familiar you already understand our infatuation. Think crisp, white, and geometric architecture alongside sidewalks made of seashells and you have an idea of the beauty that is Alys Beach. Whenever I am there I feel as though the buildings are from a faraway place, it's nothing like anything I have crossed paths within the United States.

Remember this wonderful fanciful mound

For us this trip was about an exciting change in the life of a very close friend, but it also meant a big change to our own lives. In our own way early on we fought it, scared of what it meant for our friendship and what it meant ultimately for us. We have gone from sharing life as four single friends to something that is still taking shape.. What we learned was that change is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that growth is occurring, that a new season of life has begun.

Mediterranean, Moorish, and Moroccan influences are evident in the carefully planned architecture and landscaping.

How could we resist lounging for a photo-op?


Hope you enjoyed this breath of fresh air! If you are ever in the vicinity of 30A, Alys Beach is well worth a stroll through! Learn more about the community here.
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Wonderlust Photography by Jona
Written + Edited by Melanie


  1. Thanks for putting a few people in your pictures. Alys looks deserted in most pictures.

  2. Very true, when I have visited it seems to be on the quiet side. We did run into a several people while photographing but we were mainly focusing on the architecture.

  3. Thanks for the grat post! Alys Beach is one of my favorite places, and never fails to inspire me.

  4. Thanks Rodolfo, we completely agree!


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