Lyrical Inspiration {My Favorite Things}

 Artwork by Violet Shum

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings  
These are a few of my favorite things


In Need of a New Workspace

After finishing design school I purged a ton and sold off random furniture so that my new home, a small studio on 10th street, would not feel overwhelmed. In the process I unloaded my drafting desk, where I had spent so many creative hours. Wonderlust has helped to get my creative juices flowing and I have found renewed interest in old hobbies. My sewing machine is beckoning from deep within my armoire and art supplies are ready to crawl out of the boxes they have been stashed away in for far too long.


So this brings me a new challenge, I am on the hunt for the perfect workspace. I find myself drawn to white desks with clean lines, it's almost as if they leave more room for creativity to flourish.


My 28th!!

I started the day with a massage that made it the most relaxed birthday ever (massages should be mandatory for everyone's birthday). I decided to keep it simple and invited a few close friends to dinner at Varasano's Pizzeria. My favorite thing on the menu is the Dolce Pizza with Medjool Dates & Fontina dressed with Honey,Walnuts & Rosemary -- Mmmmmm -- positively delicious.

Me and Shelly, a fellow blogger.

My dear friend, Kate, and fellow Wonderluster, Jona, were the creative force behind the the best presentation of a giftcard ever. Together they went through Anthropologie taking pictures of things they knew I would love and printed them Polaroid style with descriptions.



Inspiration in Words

Nancy Horan's wonderful use of words in Loving Frank create spot on mental snapshots of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. I am about half way through the book and awoke up this morning with an urge to delve into photographs of Wright's signature prairie style architecture.


Maps as Artwork

I have had a soft spot for maps displayed in the home as artwork for quite some time now. I am loving these few that were posted over at Pattern People.


Catalog Love {Urban Outfitters}

Urban Outfitters seems to be following the lead of big sister Anthropologie with the styling of it's recent catalog. While flipping through I had to pause when greeted with the graphic architecture used as a juxtaposition to their new spring wear.

I am digging the 60's architecture and the mod imagery. 


There is something almost other worldly about these images as if they 
were taken amongst the modern architecture of another planet.


Calendar for 2011 and Beyond

I am loving this perpetual calendar from Calouette I discovered via Inhabitat.

The contrast of the salvaged wood beam against the acrylic pieces is right up my alley.

The salvaged timbers are hand selected so no two are alike. Each transparent acrylic piece is numbered for one of the 366 days in a year.

This is definitely going on my wish list!


Catalog Love

I have always had a soft spot for West Elm's parsons desk. The popular white has long been my favorite but it has recently been replaced in my heart by the new hand wrapped metal version pictured above.

While I love the glamor of the new mirrored version, I could not handle the maintenance of using it for an everyday desk. It would however make a lovely addition to a guest room or entryway.  

While perusing local vintage stores I often find myself lusting after old library card catalogues with an interesting sense of curiosity and desire. Unfortunately I cannot come up with a practical use that justifies making room for one in my studio apartment. Naturally I was happy when I discovered CB2's new archive credenza. The piece is inspired by vintage library card catalogues but appeals to my practical side, with doors that look like drawers, it can be used for anything from media to dish storage.

Modern Home

One of the exciting things about living in Midtown Atlanta is the variety of architecture. Occasionally you find yourself pleasantly taken aback when you pass by a newer modern home residing comfortably beside an older craftsman, neoclassical or colonial.

I have been watching the progress of this modern home's construction on 9th street for several months. I cannot wait to see what type of materials they use on the exterior and of course I am curious about the interior as well.


Nostalgia for Domino

Over the past couple years several shelter magazines folded including my personal favorite Domino. Almost two years later I still miss it... Luckily for former devotees like myself digital archives of the magazine are available at brides.com.

Images via brides.com.


Thoughts for 2011

Also... Don’t fantasize about being someone who is more ________ in 2011 (popular, thin, beautiful, etc) focus on being someone who lives.  Wake up in 2011 and don’t waste a day of it. (via makeundermylife)

Some of the loveliest words that arrive in my inbox are from Dominique Browning via her blog, Slow Life Love. Her wishes for the New Year: 

May the next year be a time of growth, and change, and delight. May we all find ways to give of the love with which our hearts are so easily filled--when we let them be filled. May we learn to unclench our fists, and let go of anger. May we metamorphose through our days in an atmosphere of good will, and take flight into the world sparkling good will over others, in coherent scatterings of light. And may the inevitable incoherent scatterings visited upon us eventually leave us stronger and better.



Like many aspiring designers we found ourselves in a strange place after the economic decline that began in 2008. Few understand the soul satisfying fulfillment found in the creative process and ultimately the end product, for us that had been the world of interior design. Without the careers we had long dreamed of we felt as though we had lost a part of ourselves.

Rather than dwell in a seemingly endless rut we decided to funnel our creative energy into something new. From this Wonderlust was born. Our goal with this project is to create something that will not only bring the light of inspiration into our lives but into yours as well.

Here's to a New Year filled with wonder!

 Confetti Light by Front

Lavish! Party

A few fun photos from an after party for the Lavish! Lifestyle Social Networker Conference held in Atlanta last month. The party was hosted at Bradford Gallery and sponsored by Rue MagazineStudio M and HGTV.

. . .