Treasure Hunt on Alameda Island

On the first Sunday of each month the Alameda Point Antiques Faire is held on Alameda island. This past weekend we made the short drive to seek out a few treasures for our new apartment in the city. It was a positively gorgeous day with a nice breeze, blue skies, and sail boats lazily drifting by in the background.

Let me go ahead and tell you - the fair is HUGE and entry is worth the ticket price. We arrived around noon and explored about 50% leisurely strolling for 3 hours. There is a variety of items from vintage to antique, a yummy kettle corn stand, and a smorgasbord of food trucks.

these folding rattan chairs would be handy extra seating for guests in a small space

pure loveliness

seeking out the perfect vintage keys to use as charms for necklaces

two mid-century style scones that we considered for our bedroom

fun graphic prints

cheerful yellow cabinet... perfect for extra storage in a kitchen or dining room

get the bag of half caramel / half sweet + salty - YUM

My tips: 
  • The earlier you arrive the better.
  • Bring a tote for carrying small items. 
  • A small cart like this is very handy - I have seen them around SF but I have yet to invest in one.
  • If you spot something but want to look around more before finalizing make note of the booth location, trust me it can get very confusing.

We brought home a few goodies:

Living Room Media Cabinet 
See those vintage mill spools stacked everywhere? 
They will be part of the bookshelf we are going to build in the living room.

Bedroom Storage Cabinet (for linens and such) - $30!
I plan to jazz it up with shiny gold hardware.

A small vintage painting - $5! 

Vintage jelly bean display we plan on repurposing as a spice rack in the kitchen.

The Alameda Point Antiques Faire did not disappoint and we plan to visit again in the next few months.We are still searching for some light fixtures to use in our bedroom... stay tuned!

Photographs by me. If you use or pin, please link back to wonderlustblog.blogspot.com - thanks!

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