Alice in Wonderlust

Nearly a month ago, we featured a glimpse into our photoshoot with local photographer Michelle Landreau. We are now ready to share our story with you...

One lovely afternoon in Atlanta, two girls set out on a search for inspiration.

They felt excited as always when on the brim of discovering something new.

They enjoyed the search most of the time, finding inspiration in small wonders along the way.

Occasionally, one or the other got somewhat frustrated that it was taking so long to discover.

Then, just as they got to the point of confusion.

They found exactly what they were looking for.

They found that everything they needed was all around them.
From books to borrowed treasures to vintage delights.

Even the rush of excitement found in a delicacy was enough to inspire them.


They spent some time doing what they do best together...

sharing, laughing, and talking... 

they challenged one another to be the best version of themselves...

only further inspiring one another...

even with all their similarities, they were completely different.

They relished in these differences and constantly learned from one another.

Just for kicks...

For Jona and I, this photoshoot was about the search for inspiration and how often it is found in unlikely places and unexpected people. Our photographer, Michelle, owner and photographer of Morning Light by Michelle Landreau (ml x ml) is the perfect example of an unexpected source. During brainstorming, she not only understood our vision but also served as a great creative collaborator. The inspiration, Alice in Wonderland, a story of wonder, seemed all too appropriate. Like Alice, Jona and I have been searching for something. We yearn to feel inspired and to feel content. While we have succeeded with the former we are still ardently working on parts of our lives and ourselves to acquire the latter. 

We started Wonderlust at the beginning of 2011. For us, it has been a source of comfort; it allows us to play in a way we had not have been able to and to dream bigger than previously possible. It is hard work and sometimes it's not so easy to maintain the work + life + blogging balance, but the satisfaction we obtain from the process and the end product are so very worth it. It's funny how sometimes things you want happen without you actively seeking them out. Not too long before Michelle reached out to us, Jona and I had a discussion about how we wished we had the opportunity to be the subjects of a photoshoot. It was added to our long list, and seemed like something that would happen much further down the road.

Alice in Wonderlust features items ranging from favorite books and trinkets to edibles and other delights. Nearly everything came from our homes and inspire us in some way. Michelle’s amazing work not only filled us with joy, it solidified that what we are doing is real.

Michelle, thank you for working with us and for seeing our vision from beginning to end.


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