I think I can. Wait - I know I can.

Wow - I cannot believe it is already Friday again. The job hunt took priority this past week and I have been busy researching local companies and available opportunities. I have really enjoyed having some extra time to get settled in San Francisco, but I am very ready to get back into the office! Until then I am focusing on doing all of the things that usually take the back burner: painting my nails every few days (currently a fun shade of pink!), reading, deep conditioning my hair, trying out new artistic endeavors, replacing that random missing button, and so on.

Remember when everyone was fawning over Penguin's clothbound classics series with cover designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith? I have a few from the line including Jane Austen's Emma. The book has been on display in my home for some time and I have finally cracked it open. I have also been reading Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovations, a book that I shamefully started some time ago and have not finished. On a mission to take advantage of my free time and the quiet house during the day, I have been experimenting with acrylic paint on inexpensive canvas panels. It has been years since I picked up a paint brush, and I forgot how therapeutic the experience is. Painting just might be my new favorite pastime.

Do you have any new hobbies that you have recently delved into? Painting? Knitting? Scuba diving? 

A positive thought for your weekend:

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  1. Всем привет! помогите кто знает... ищу где можно купить б у косметологическое оборудование, стул для макияжа цена и аппарат для кавитации отзывы? я только начала управлять салоном красоты, надо найти оборудование, а я не знаю где это купить)


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