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I have been busy the past couple weeks working on projects around the house (including a shelf inspired by this), spreading the word about my new Etsy store, and preparing for house guests. I would love to say that we have an amazing guest room, but the rental market in San Francisco is not so generous. The little lady has been with family during her summer break so her room has become the landing place for projects in transition and visitors from out of town.

After having a few visitors over the past several months, I have learned that there are a few things that you can easily do to make a space feel more accommodating.

  • Have a folding luggage rack on hand so that they can easily access what they need from their suitcase from day to day. 
  • Provide them with extra blankets and pillows to ensure that they are comfortable at night. 
  • Keep a stash of extra toiletries including a few toothbrushes.
  • Have hooks for them to hang items like purses, scarves, or accessories. An over-the-door hook is an easy solution. 
  • If you have extra room in a closet provide space for them to hang clothes. 
  • Ask if they have any food allergies or favorite breakfast items. Do they prefer coffee or tea? My mom was recently in town and her long list of dietary restrictions was a little easier to manage because I planned ahead of time to have a few things like almond milk, soy yogurt, and glutton free snacks on hand. 



Little things go a long way and people really are appreciative of the extra effort and thoughtfulness. Are there any special things that you do to make overnight guests feel at home? 

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  1. Good post! In SF, it's amazing that you even have a second room in the house lol :)~ !!!


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