Missing Atlanta (just a bit!)

Here are a few things I have been a bit homesick for...

As much as I miss the wonderfulness Atlanta has to offer I am beginning to grow rather fond of San Francisco.

Here are a few of my favorite things...

  • sunny days
  • layering - I am forced to play with my clothes and be more creative with my wardrobe 
  • less pressure to straighten my hair, wear a ton of makeup, and be tan year round - it's OK here to be a little fair-skinned
  • all of the natural beauty the Bay Area has to offer
  • exploring a new city every day
  • some of the most beautiful dog parks I have ever visited (had to include this for the pups' sake)
  • the fact that I can easily walk to several museums, Union Square, and China Town 
  • Burma Superstar 
  • Yamo
  • Pazzia
  • Ike's place
  • Wooly Pig Cafe

I look forward to welcoming house guests from Atlanta this summer! 

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