Happy Friday!

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I have been longing for warmer spring time temps here in San Francisco, which I am sure only added to my recent homesickness. Well it appears my wishes have been granted! Yesterday the temps reached the lower 70's (and I went bare-legged in a dress WITH open toe shoes) and tomorrow the forecast shows a high of 77. Weekend plans for a picnic and kite flying are underway! I have not flown a kite since I was a kid and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with our little lady.

Speaking of the little lady I am going to get a little personal and admit: transitioning to the mom role has been very very tough. I not only left my friends and family in Atlanta, but also my single-self. The decision to move had to be made very quickly and in the blink of an eye life as I knew it was over and I became part of a family unit. It went from being just me and my pup, Langley, to also including my fella, his 9 yr old daughter, and their pup, Layla. Everyone has had a lot of adjusting to do and I feel like I have been playing catch up with this parenting stuff. None of my close friends have been able relate to my current situation so I did what any modern day lady would do - I turned to the internet hoping to find similar stories. In my search I came across a fantastic book, The Package Deal: My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom.

The book details the author's similar experience which ironically involved a move from San Francisco to Austin. Not only did I find comfort in her story but she made me laugh out loud, more than a few times. It's a quick read that touched my emotions without getting too heavy - I highly recommend it.

On a closing note - remember these

Bon Weekend!


  1. Beginnings in a new city can be so tough... add in the transition you're going through, it becomes doubly tough! You'll pull through and in no time, you'll have dried the sweat from your brows as you trod forward in ease :) !

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