Style - Bag(gu) It

It seems these days that reusable totes are everywhere you look, some of my favorite options are from the Baggu line.

The #1 best thing about them is that you don't have to remember to grab one on your way it, they fold up small enough to keep stashed in your purse. Now that I am in San Francisco I have been walking more often than before and I find that after a while my shoulder gets a little sore from carrying bags... in comes the Daypack from Baggu.

Just as portable as the original design but a little easier to use for carrying items for an extended period of time. In addition to being handy for shopping the Daypack can be used for impromptu picnics in the park and day-trips around the bay. The $24 wallet friendly price tag is a huge appeal as well.

Daypacks are available an assortment of trendy colors and a few in nautical inspired stripes. I am really digging the Sea Stripe, Papya, and Saffron.

Looking for something a little sturdier than the Daypack? Check out their cotton Backpack.

Now I just need to decide what color(s) to order :)

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