SNAP Photo Hunt

Wonderlust photographer Jona recently partook in the Artist Trifecta Gallery's SNAP Photography Scavenger Hunt.

Participants were given 12 clues, 2 check points, and 24 hours to complete the scavenger hunt. Objective: to snap the perfect picture.

The list of photo themes came from the lyrics of the song Spring Fever by Elvis Presley.

"A Little Bird"

"He Told Me So"

"Get on the Go"

"Open Your Eyes"


"Spring Fever"

"My Heart's Beating Fast"

"Wanderlust" (how ironic!)

"Grab a Car or Hop on a Bus"

"There's Excitement to be Found"

"The Joy of Spring"

"It's Time For Fun"

The contest is perfect for photographers of all skill levels, whether amateur or professional, young or old, trained or untrained.

Jona won Best Interpretation of a Clue for "Butterflies" (her first photography award!)

"It was a rush and thanks to my experience with Wonderlust, it was something that was creatively easy, but difficult with the timing, pressure and people. I was very excited to have my closest friends with me as well as my mother. Also, thank to Kate Abney for telling me about it and pushing me to do it last minute and for all of my friends that believed in me. Especially since this a new and exciting venture for me." - Jona Olivia

Jona's "The Joy of Spring" top left and "It's Time For Fun" bottom right

Contestant's work is featured at Centennial Olympic Park's Visitor Center

Jona's "Wanderlust" bottom left

Ready for the challenge?!?

See more of Jona Olivia's work here.

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  1. Jona I'm so proud of you! Great job. You are amazing. Great post Melanie! You two keep up the hard work.


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