{Away We Go} Seaside, Forida

I have been reflecting a lot lately with all of the changes going on in my life and the lives of those around me. It’s so funny when you take a step back and realize how often life has a tendency to come full circle.


This time two yrs ago I was making a trip to Florida with my closest girlfriends; Jona Payne, Emily Browne, and Kate Abney. The four of us first bonded over our common interest in interior design during a Cocktails in the Garden evening at Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Jona and I first met in the interior design course History of Interiors; Jona met Emily at a networking event and then worked with her at RJT+R; and Jona met Kate, a local lifestyle magazine editor, when she tried out for the TV show Bravo's Top Design

Lucky for us, Jona doesn't mind sharing a good thing when she finds it, and a rare friendship between four females was formed. Over the past several years we have learned a great deal about each other and found inspiration in one another.  

I am making that same trip to Florida tomorrow, but this time to witness the beginning of the next chapter in the life of my dear friend Emily Browne. After this weekend, she will be Mrs. Emily Koche. It makes me so happy that she has found someone to share her happiness with. 

Even the sidewalks are pretty in nearby Alys Beach

On a side note…
Please pardon the infrequency of my blog posts recently. Jona and I have both been going through a lot of exciting changes in our lives. Jona experienced a recent career change and has been able to put more energy into her photography. Monday morning I will be embarking on a new challenge professionally that I think will be a much needed breath of fresh air. We both look forward to devoting more time to the exploration of inspiration again.


  1. Four of my favorite ladies all in one of my favorite places! I'm super jealous but so glad you girls had such a good time. Miss you ALL so very much! Mua!

  2. WE Miss YOU! I need a little more Shelly in my life!


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