Dreamy Scenery in Miami

Wonderlust photographer and contributor, Jona, recently visited Miami with a girlfriend from college and luckily for us she captured the following dreamy images while on vacation.

Q &
WL: When you think Miami what images come to mind? 
J: Modern and contemporary style accented with glamor! What a breath of fresh air!

Ocean Drive & South Pointe Drive

WL: Anything you would do differently on your next trip to Miami?
J: Plan and prepare. I needed at least a couple more days to enjoy everything. It was not a big city/beach, but there was a ton of stuff going on and I felt a little rushed. I would like to do some shopping and spend more time in the design district. I would also like to go with a group of people. If I had one day/night in Miami I would go back and stay at the Mondrian Hotel. It was just about the most perfect hotel for me.

Mondrian Hotel Pool

WL: How does it compare to Atlanta?
J: It's more multi-cultured. You would never know what someone was going to say or what language it was going to be in. In regards to the level of high fashion and design, Buckhead would be the most similiar.

Washington Avenue

WL: What was your favorite thing about Miami?
J: It felt like you where in a completely different world. Most of the interior spaces where very modern, clean, fresh and glamorous. It looked like my imagination exploded everywhere.


Symphony hall, New World Center, designed by Frank Gehry. 

For those who didn't have tickets the live show it was projected on the side of the 
building in the evening. It was a lovely casual atmosphere with the show playing 
under the stars while people sat on blankets with candle light and bottles of wine.

 Gaudi-like architecture near Lincoln Road Mall

Shopping and sightseeing around Ocean Drive And Lincoln Road Mall

The Living Room, Design District

The Living Room building is one of the most photographed and recognized buildings `
in Miami. The exterior pictured above was created by husband and wife team, 
Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt. The piece is intended to "pose possibilities 
for other points of view on art, architecture and design" (www.loopnet.com).
Thank you for sharing images from your trip with us Jona!


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  2. Thanks Patti! There are more wonderful posts in the works!

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