Modern Atlanta { MA11 - part 2 }

Welcome to Part 2 of our Modern Atlanta home tour feature. We feel that the tag line for Modern Atlanta 2011 sets the perfect tone for the week long celebration of modern design:

 I Modern, You Modern, Let's Play 

For owner's of modern homes a primary challenge is to of let go of things to achieve a level of simplicity. People that have a modern mindset free themselves of of the past and are open to the future. That is why they are free of clutter, free of obstacles, free of baggage and open to opportunity, purity and creative clarity.

Confederate Residence

In it's previous life the lower level of the home was an Atlanta Trolley system depot.

... ... ...
Flanagan Residence

... ... ...
Cablik Residence

... ... ... 
White Provision featuring Room & Board 
furnishings with styling by Annette Joseph

Jona with a fellow modern design enthusiast

. . .
Wonderlust Photos by Jona + Melanie*
All photos edited by Jona
Content Written + Edited by Melanie

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*I played photographer for the weekend and snapped a few that were blog worthy :)


  1. Thanks, I didn't get to the two northernmost houses. I "sat" the Confederate Avenue house for an afternoon and enjoyed being there.

  2. I love the view where Jona is sitting on the sofa. Nice post ladies!


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