Modern Atlanta { MA11 - part 1 }

During our summer fun we delighted in Modern Atlanta. For those of you that are unfamiliar Modern Atlanta (MA) Design Is Human began in 2007 as a week long event celebrating modern design. The celebration starts off with a preview party followed by a week of events, lectures, and exhibits. Everything wraps up with a weekend-long tour featuring some of Atlanta's finest modern homes. There is something grand about gathering with like-minded people to celebrate and support ideas and creations you feel passionate about.

The following are a few images we captured from the first three houses we visited. If you were unable to attend I hope you enjoy a few glimpses into the homes we explored, if you did attend I hope you enjoy revisiting.

 I Modern, You Modern, Let's Play.

Houser Residence

Can you guess the name of this iconic miniature?

... ... ...
Allen Road Residence

Me, playing with the camera playing photog for the day.

Jona, the official photographer of Wonderlust.

... ... ...
Container House #2

There is something about the idea of living in a home created
 from shipping containers that appeals to my sense of whimsy.

Jona and I both had an eventful summer and though it was fun we were kept away from our computers and thus blogging. We have been struggling with the fact we have not been as attentive to Wonderlust we had to put things into perspective and remind ourselves that we do this as a creative release and we never want it to feel like another item on the to-do list. I think it's important to allow the body and mind to take breaks, to stretch out, feel the warm sun, and breath fresh air before Autumn (and more time spent in doors kicks in).

Stay tuned for part 2 of the tour!
. . . 
Wonderlust Photography by Jona
Written + Edited by Melanie


  1. LOVE the container homes! Thanks for sharing these photo's ladies!

  2. Brings back memories of the tour. Thanks.

  3. I am happy to hear you both enjoyed the post! I am looking forward to the tour in 2012!


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