Blue Skies Ahead {road trip - part 7 - minneapolis}

Welcome to Minneapolis and our final road trip post.  Like most of the other cities I encountered along my trip Minneapolis had a different type of vibe than I had expected.

I hope you enjoyed following me on my journey as much as I enjoyed sharing it. We managed to see a lot in three days and although it was a bit whirlwind the road trip was an enjoyable, mind opening experience. If you ever feel trapped or like you can't get out and you want to go see some place different it is amazing how a short two hour drive can give you a break from your routine. 

We stayed within budget by spending two nights in affordable hotels and utilizing sky miles I had saved up for the return trip home. I highly recommend joining a program with sky mile benefits. We brought healthy snacks with us and stayed in places that had free breakfast. We also asked for upgrades once we arrived at each of our hotels. 

I encourage you to put the message out there if you want to travel. My goal is to see all 50 states before I am 30. I have 4 years to go and I am halfway there. Take the time to visit those friends and family that you never see, that you promise you will come visit. There doesn't have to be a special reason, they would love to see you. Go on road trips with friends, it doesn't have to be for a week. Put up a picture of a place that you would like to go on your mirror, in your car, or on your desk. Put it out into the Universe. When you start to, it is amazing how someone might just give you a call or send you an email. Thanks to the invitation from my wonderful friend, Katie to join her, I was able to experience several different cities and have a  little mini-adventure. We were able to spend one on one time together and develop a tighter bond. 

My final advice: Just take a leap and jump in the car!

{ part 6 of road trip }

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Wonderlust Photography by Jona
Edited by Melanie

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