Antiques in the Afternoon

I recently spent almost an afternoon perusing antique stores for inspiration and a few items I plan to use in an upcoming project. I wandered through the Kudzu Antique Market, Decatur Estate, and The Fainting Couch

{wouldn't these would look fantastic paired with a white tulip table?}

{bunsen burner - another piece for my new project}

{fun pillows (new)}

{cardboard & wood lamp (new)}

{tons of mid-century dining chairs}

{machine age task chair}

{mid-century light fixture, needs re-wiring}

{old projector screen - this is perfect for my new project!}

{antique skirt hemmers}

I think the nerd in me comes out when I get around these things. I feel the weight of history when I touch, hold, or sit in a piece.

Tell me, how do you feel about vintage and antique items? What is your favorite spot for good finds?


  1. Enjoyed these pics Melanie! What's your new project?

  2. Hey JoAnna,
    Glad you enjoyed it! I am working on a line of lighting using vintage and antique pieces.


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