Crossfit RX {Just What the Dr. Ordered}

For Wonderlust our mission has always been to share inspiration and passion with our followers and those who might happen upon us. Sometimes, you come across someone who is so passionate that they ignite something within you. One such person is Kelly, owner of Crossfit RX gym

Over the summer, we met up with Kelly to check out the gym and to discuss the experience of Crossfit with him.

W: What do you enjoy most about crossfit? Describe the rush you get.
K: From a coaching standpoint, I LOVE seeing growth in an individual! Seeing goals getting accomplished right in front of me...I love seeing clients grow, I love seeing them put their heart and soul into a 20 minute workout and then staying around afterwards to talk about it. I love seeing the community that has been built in our gym and the mutual respect that we all have for one another no matter what level each of us happens to be at! From a personal point of view, crossfit has satisfied that competitive drive that I've always had from my days playing soccer. I love going head-to-head with someone in a workout...win or lose, it's a great experience! There's nothing quite like being surrounded by 20-30 fellow cross-fitters, screaming our heads off and having this rush take transport us to a new level - it's pretty killer stuff!

W: What is your routine?
K: For me, I usually do the 6am class, followed by an hours worth of lifting or strength work. Then (if I'm lucky) I get to squeeze in a WOD (workout of the day) at 8:30... for the rest of the day afterward, I coach classes and watch people get bigger, stronger and faster! Everyday!! I love it!  As far as the classes go, we spend the first 15-20 minutes warming up (which in itself is a workout) depending on the WOD. We then move on to a strength or skill portion. Ten to fifteen minutes are devoted to work on a skill or lifts (deadlift, snatch, jerk, press, etc.).  Then, it's on to our metcon. This is why people do crossfit - to have their souls crushed for 5-30 minutes of complete awesomeness!!

W: What is your favorite apparatus/movement at the gym?
K: I'm a fan of all things gymnastics! My favorite, however, is anything involving the ring - front levers, back levers, ring handstand push-ups and muscle-ups.

W: Name three reasons why Crossfit is the best form of fitness.
K: The purpose behind Crossfit is more than simply to get bigger or sexier. The focus lies not in developing muscles one at a time by isolating movements. Our goal is different.  At Crossfit, the goal is to achieve a truly high level of fitness. Anything that could be construed as fitness....we do.  Everything from gymnastics to sprinting, power lifting and slow lifts. We run, swim, bike, swing sledge hammers for reps and flip tires. We specialize in not specializing! Most of our movements are full-body movements as opposed to single group isolation.  You'll never see us doing bicep curls or tricep extensions.  We don't do lat pull downs or leg presses. We squat with real barbells. We do muscle ups, pull ups, box hops, sprints, kettle bell work, med ball work etc.


W: What keeps you as well as other coming back?
K: Well, I'm part owner...so.....:-) jk, but really. The rush you get from crossfit is like no other. You feel great - before, during and after. All of us have a constant drive to better ourselves, and crossfit allows us to do exactly that. Whether we're chasing a time on the board or trying to PR on a deadlift, we all just want to be better... plus, crossfit is literally like the crack rock of the fitness world; except you get to keep your teeth and you actually improve your life instead of...well, you know.

W: What is one of your favorite healthy recipes?
K: Does bacon count as a recipe? If it does... bacon it is! Other than that, we try to adhere to a diet consisting of meat, vegetables, nuts, fruit and seeds. We try to stay away from grains, refined sugars and processed foods. Other than beef ribs from either Fox Bros or Community Q, I love to cook tamari salmon over cauliflower rice. It's a staple at my house and I love it every time - except, of course, when my wife cooks (or overcooks) the salmon :-) jk....love you sweetie!

W: If you could pick an alternate career, what would it be?
K: A punter in the NFL....best job in the world!! A professional at any sport is really a dream job, whether it be karate, climbing, soccer or tennis. To be a professional athlete is a dream job for sure....always has been!

To learn more about what Crossfit has to offer please stop by the gym, or a call at 404.387.8729.

Kelly, thank you for sharing some of your humor and passion with us. We hope everyone enjoyed the post!
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Wonderlust Photography by Jona
Content Written + Edited by Melanie

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